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Tras andar buscando en la red software que pueda usar en Linux y también probar otros SW sobre VJ me encontré esta lista bastante buena, ojalá a los que estan en este rubro les ayude un poco a elegir, conocer, y explotar, ya sea son SW privativo, Libre u OpenSource.. Commenten!! ((Liga original dando click en el título))

* http://www.widewhitevoid.com/ 3DJ 1.1 – Video Layering/Effects (Mac/Win)
* http://www.arkaos.net/ Arkaos VJ – Clip Triggering/Effects (Mac/Win)
* http://draves.org/bomb Bomb – Visual Musical Instrument (Linux/Mac/Win)
* http://www.videokonferenz-berlin.de/videokonferenz.php ES-X – Max/MSP-based live video performance tool (Mac/Win)
* http://www.flashmixer.de Flashmixer – Based on the Fileformat SWF (Shockwave Flash) (Linux/Mac/Win)
* http://www.robotfunk.com/flowmotion/ Flowmotion – Video Mixing/Effects (Mac/Win)
* http://www.flxer.net FLxER – Flash Video Mixer (Linux/Mac/Win)
* http://www.vidvox.net/grid2.html GRID – Movie Triggering (Mac/Win)
* http://www.troikatronix.com/ Isadora – Modular live performance tool. (Mac/Win)
* http://www.lividinstruments.com/ Livid Union 2.0 – Full VJ mixing software (Mac/Win)
* http://www.resolume.com/ Resolume (Mac/Win)

* http://www.digitalstage.net/en/ Motion Dive – (Mac/Win)
* http://www.mutevj.com Mute VJ – vj software with unique flickr and yahoo maps filters (Mac/Win)
* http://www.mxwendler.net/ MXWendler 2.4 – live performance/triggering oriented. very fast. free basic.(Mac/Win)
* http://www.onyx-vj.com Onyx – Flash-Based Video Mixer (Linux/Mac/Win)
* http://artefacte.org/pd/ pidipVJ – VJ tool to make realtime visual art. (Linux/Mac)
* http://www.mashstudio.com/soft_fuse/index.html Rhythmic Circle Fuse – (Mac/Win)
* http://www.corebounce.org/wiki/Mainfloor/Soundium2/ Soundium – Live Visual Performance Platform
* http://www.bertrandgondouin.net/post…ic-Flash-Mixer Symtonic Live ! – Based on the Fileformat SWF (Shockwave Flash) (Mac/Win)
* http://www.optickle.com/pages/en/newmedia.php Visulator 2.5 – Multi layer movie/animation/photo triggering VJ tool (Mac/Win)
* http://vlight.to/MXR/ VLIGHT.MXR – (Mac/Win)
* http://www.3rd-design.com/ V.I.P. 5.0 – Video interactive processor sketched in Max/MSP and Jitter (Mac/Win32)
* http://merlin.fit.vutbr.cz/wiki/inde…Projects_2006# Whizzualizer – Tool_for_real-time_video-mixing Whizzualizer – OpenGL video/camera/image mixer. Experimental version. Easy to extend

* http://www.freeframe.org FreeFrame – Mac/PC/Linux crossplatform video effects API designed for integration into VJ Software
* http://www.gephex.org/ GePhex – Linux/Win32
* http://vsxu.com/ Vovoid VSX Ultra Developer parameter-based API supporting bitmap & mesh creation, mathematics, rendering modules. Using eclipse/mingw32 for development (free). Source code included for most modules.
* http://www.cycling74.com/products/index.html MAX/MSP + Jitter – Mac/Win32 Development Environment
* http://impromptu.moso.com.au Impromptu Video/Audio/Vector Graphics RealTime Programming Language for OSX

* http://delcorp.org/delvj/index.php/Portada DELvj – Free Software
* http://effectv.sourceforge.net EffecTV – Open Source
* http://freej.dyne.org/ FreeJ – Open Source
* http://veejay.dyne.org/ Veejay – Open Source

* http://www.captainvideo.nl/rob/mnu3/mnu3_1.html MNU

* http://www.apple.com/finalcutstudio/motion/ Apple Motion – Animated Graphic Design / MIDI compatible
* http://goldbergs.com/dervish dervish – completely free with code feedback toy by joshua goldberg
* http://www.sonoluca.com/ Klangfarben
* http://www.garagecube.com/modul8/ Modul8 – Video Mixing/Effects
* http://www.quartonian.net Quartonian – Creative commons licensed VJ mixer created in Quartz Composer
* http://www.adagio-voip.com/ Adagio Mix – Broadcast Video Mixer
* http://vjsputnik.com/soyuz.html SoYuZ – free open GL Jitter based vj software from VJ SPuTNiK
* http://www.vidvox.com VDMX5 – Video Triggering/Mixing/Effects/Feedback
* http://www.stone.com/Videator/Videator.html Videator v3.0 – powerful Vee-Jaying, movie-making and video processing application. Videator is both a “PhotoShoppe For Video” and a realtime performance video creation adventure. FREE Updates for Life!

Win32 (3D Hardware Accelerated)
* http://www.derivativeinc.com/home/home.asp Touch Tools – Derivative
* http://www.neonv2.com Neon v2 Enhanced Realtime Live Visuals
* http://www.vjamm.com VJamm – Audio Visual Live Performance VJ Software
* http://www.loosegoose.nl/ Pilgrim
* http://jasondorie.com/midivid/ MidiVid GPU
* http://vsxu.com/ Vovoid VSX Ultra Free visualization toolkit
* http://www.slvtn.com Salvation Modular (Node-based) Visuals Creation and Software Toolkit
* http://www.galago.fr/ Smode Studio
* http://vvvv.meso.net vvvv a multipurpose toolkit
* http://www.adrianboeing.com/products.html#imagic iMagic NG – The first purely hardware accelerated VJ software is both a “PhotoShoppe For Video” and a realtime performance video creation adventure.

* http://circulation.sk/ Circulation – Live improvisation video/post-production software for technically experienced artists, scripting inclusive.
* http://www.otsdj.com/ OtsDJ Pro – Live video DJ mixing software including automated beat mixing, karaoke CD+G, time-scaling, and scratching.
* http://aestesis.org/ Aestesis-ELEKTRONIKA – modular (virtual hardware based) – more than 30 differents modules (2d/3d/audio/video/effects)
* http://www.beatharness.com/ BeatHarness Semi-automatic Live VJ-Software using user-defined content (live-camera, images, videos) and effect/transition-scripts.
* http://opentzt.sourceforge.net/ OpenTZT – Open Source – See the [[OpenTZT]] Reference here on the Wikipedia
* http://www.vjcandyman.tk Sweetbox Live performance application. (Link doesn’t work)
* http://TextMachine3D.com TextMachine 3D Text Rendering, Dictionaries, User Input and Counters
* http://www.visualjockey.com/ VisualJockey Modular FX Vj Synthetiser/Software
* http://www.whorld.org/ Whorld free open-source sacred geometry visualizer with MIDI control
* http://www.phlumx.co.uk/ PHLUMX PHLUMX – Digital Video Jockeying and clip scratching / triggering Now Free !
* http://www.adrianboeing.com/products.html#imagic iMagic – Live VJ software, 2d only, DX7 and older.

VJ softwares for handheld video game consoles:

Nintendo Game Boy advance / Game boy player for Nintendo Game Cube
* http://www.pikilipita.com/vj/ Pikilipita advance – Video mixes game boy advance ROM. It can be run on real hardware or on a gameboy emulator
* http://www.sqjvj.com/?l=en SQJ – SQuareJockey is a vj-software that enables the making of live visualisations by the use of the pocket games console the GameBoy Advance.

* http://www.pikilipita.com/vj/ Pikix – an application for live video performances running on the Korean console GP2X. (so far, it’s a freeware)


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